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Title The cooperation between Adampol SA and GLOVIS RUS
Date Nov 10, 2015

The cooperation between Adampol  SA and GLOVIS RUS has started in December 2008 in the field of  storage of Hyundai cars in Adampol’s modern and professional transhipment terminal in the Free Customs Zone in Malaszewicze, near Polish-Belarussian border.

Agreement for the distribution of stored cars from Malaszewicze to the Russian market was signed in 2010.  From that moment till now, Adampol SA provides reliable vehicle transport services at a highest level. Adampol’s fleet reach the furthest parts of Russian territory to deliver cars to dealers.

ADAMPOL SA was founded in 1989 by Adam Byglewski who currently holds the position of the Vice President of the company. Headquarters is located in Zascianki, near Bialystok. The company has many offices in Poland (Gdansk, Gliwice, Tychy, Lapy, Malaszewicze) and also abroad (Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain and England).

Adampol SA provides services of international and domestic vehicle transportation. Our company specializes in transport of passenger cars, vans and light duty trucks. Our fleet as well as the fleet of our proven and trusted subcontractors counts up to 1500  car transporters (of such brands as: Mercedes, MAN and Volvo with wagons of such brands as: LOHR, Kaessbohrer, Rolfo and  Silver Car) and couple of hundreds specialized wagons.

However ADAMPOL SA is associated not only with transport and forwarding, but also with various activities and services related to the vehicle distribution chain – it offers dedicated logistics solutions, warehousing, PDI and repair services.

The company coordinates cooperation with the largest consortiums of automotive market like Hyundai, KIA. ISO certificates (9001:2008, 14001:2004), Vecos Standard as well as customs procedures validated and checked successfully by the Customs Service (AEO certificate) guarantee safety and high standards of services. 

ADAMPOL SA owns and administrates professional and modern transhipment terminal located at the Free Customs Zone in Malaszewicze. Thanks to the unique location at the Free Customs Zone with access to European and Russian railway tracks, an implementation of intermodal terminal solutions in Malaszewicze can handle up to 2-3 trains per day. Malaszewicze terminal has become the most convenient gateway between the EU and Asia for railway and container transportation. In addition it offers greatest possibility of storage of various goods dedicated to different destinations, SKD and PDI projects.

The SKD Centre is a separate and well-equipped production hall with a perfect layout to manage all processes of knock-down and cross-docking activities. It also offers a space for storage of other goods, not only cars. The storage area, exceeding 8000 m2, allows acceptance of cargo from trains, containers, road platforms. ADAMPOL’s  location and diversification of services   can effectively compete with international logistic companies and meet growing expectations of customers and stepping up to constantly increasing market standards.

The cooperation of both companies continues to grow even today.  Adampol SA realizes customer needs, adjusts to its requirements and offers individual solutions.  One of them is improvement of communication and information exchange based on innovative IT solutions such as internal systems of both companies: ATLAS and TLS, which allow the transmission of information via interface.

Good communication between Hyundai Glovis and Adampol SA is the greatest value for both companies.


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