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Title Voice of Customer: HMCIS. Interview with Natalya Abramova, Head of Operative Logistics Group
Date Sep 15, 2016

          1. Natalia, good afternoon. Please, tell us shortly about yourself.

 My name is Natalya Abramova. I am the Head of Operative Logistics Group in HMCIS since May 2012. From the very first day in this position my work has been based on a close communication with our main logistics partner - Hyundai GLOVIS.

2. How long have HMCIS been associated with GLOVIS?

 The main contract was signed in September 2011 and this date we consider to be the starting point of our partnership. First, it was transport expedition, than warehouse services appeared, after that GLOVIS became our customs broker and in 2014 started to work with transport reclamations – thus taking the responsibility for the whole range of logistics services.

3. What are the factors that helped you doing business with GLOVIS?

I think the main factors were active thinking, energetic cooperation and persistence in achieving the best result.

4. What are the three most important features related to our common work for you?

1.      Business thinking. Together we find out the possible problems and define the favorable ideas for the development of logistics schemes

2.      Strategic thinking. Due to the relation of sister companies with one central organization we equally understand the global plan and tasks to fulfil it.

3.      Achieving the results. GLOVIS successfully accomplishes not only the tasks that were set in advance, but also the urgent ones. And we specially thank GLOVIS for that.

5. What are you excited about during the next 12 months?

 The most interesting event for our company will be the start of our brand new automobile models. Together with GLOVIS we will have to organize a quick transportation of the cars to every dealer center of our country.

 Also we are planning to participate in a huge project - Moscow  International Automobile saloon. Together with GLOVIS in very hard deadlines and conditions we will have to organize the delivery and port out of automobiles from the exhibition.

 6. Can you name several people/teams, which have impressed you in GLOVIS?

 Well I can`t pick out the team, because during our partnership GLOVIS structure has always been changing. But I can say for sure that during these years I was really glad to work with Yulia Mamontova, Yulia Soboleva, Tatiana Gorelova, Sevda Murtilova, Yulia Bogachkina and a lot of others, including, of course, their leaders.

 7. How can you describe GLOVIS in a few words?

  • Expert
  • Mutual obligations
  • Result-orientation






HMCIS:  Head of Operative Logistics Group  Natalya Abramova, Head of Sales department Andrey Melnikov,  Executive Director Alexey Kalitsev;  Hyundai Glovis, TP Moscow: Logistics Director Sergey Bobryshev, Logistics Manager Yulia Shaposhnikova, Head of Operational Logistics Team Anastasia Tsurkan.

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