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Title 힘내라 러시아! 우리가 함께 합니다!
Date Sep 15, 2016

The first working day after New Year holidays started in a special way for Hyundai Glovis Russia. General Director Mr. Kong Teayoun personally welcomed employees and congratulated them on the beginning of working days in 2016. For a quick recovery of working energy the posters with Russian flag and writing “힘내라 러시아! 우리가 함께 합니다!!“ were placed in all offices. Such posters will unite employees and inspire them to overcome economic difficulties.

Before getting work started, each employee received a fortune cookie with a magic prediction inside. Pleasant surprises await some of our colleagues, someone's plans will come true beyond all expectations and some of our colleagues are waiting for promotion. We can say with certainty that all these predictions are united by luck, which will accompany Hyundai Glovis staff throughout 2016.

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