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Title Interview with Vladislav Kim for Hyundai Glovis magazine
Date Sep 15, 2016

 I do what I like! How to achieve success? To work and work. If you do something new, you must make a lot of efforts. If it doesn’t work out from the first time, you must do it again, once again and one more time, 10, 100, 1000 times. Do it until it is perfect. Hard work makes professionality.


TV project “DANCE on TNT channel has at once struck the audience with its sincerity and energy charging you every show.

The employees of Hyundai Glovis didn’t stay aside – every Monday during break you can hear discussions of the last Friday show.


In December, 2015 the cultural capital was visited by dancer and choreographer Vlad Kim, the participant of the second season of the show "DANCE" on TNT channel!

- Vladislav, our company is a big fan of the show. From the very beginning many employees supported you. It is very interesting for our readers to learn about your Korean roots.


During dispossession of kulaks in World War II people were evicted and moved to Kazakhstan and other republics of the USSR. My great-grandmother and great-grandfather moved to Kazakhstan. My parents are "Russian Koreans". I speak Korean a bit. I learned it at school. Unfortunately, so far because of lack of time I can’t continue studying the language.


- Do you like Korean K-POP?


K-POP is an interesting trend. Dances are often coordinated by world-known choreographers. So far I treat this movement only as a viewer, no more.

- What is your most characteristic feature?

Probably, the most suitable word for me is contrast: I try to stay a simple person, without pathos, but, nevertheless express my feelings and emotions. Not everyone see me as I am.


- Is it difficult to express this contrast on the show?

Sometimes yes, before I hadn’t had such experience. It is necessary to find correct approach to the audience. On the screen you not only dance. It is important how you behave, how you speak, what you say, how you communicate with other participants. Respectively, you try to make everything correctly, so that it doesn’t look artificial, it is you, and at the same time the audience could understand it.

- What is the daily activity on the project and on the day of performance?

On the day of performance we have final rehearsal in the morning, then preparation for the show and then the show.

Every day we train for 14-16 hours. We have one day off per week and spend it sleeping off. The fatigue is accumulating. The further, the heavier. Massage 2 times a week and good food, certainly, help to sustain such a rhythm.


- What is the best way to spend one day off a week?

- To sleep as much as possible. Usually I spend my day off like this: have breakfast, go to sleep, have lunch and go to sleep.

- All participants of the project and you look very good and physically fit. Do you have other physical activity besides dancing?


- Physical activity is needed! Sport and CrossFit. Without sport you are exhausted in one hour. The main part of our fitness consists of endurance trainings.

- What is dream for you?

To realize my potential completely, to develop further and to come to the world level step by step.

When it is achieved, I will set a new goal and will work at it.

- What country would you like to live in? In the West, for example, for creative person there are more opportunities for self-realization. Do you want to try yourself there?

Of course, I do. It’s another level, other opportunities. In Moscow I understood that in my homeland in Kazakhstan there are no such opportunities and therefore now I need to use this chance to realize myself and to use those chances which Moscow gives. And then it will be possible to try something more large-scale.


- You attended master classes in the USA. Did you like it?

Los Angeles is a big sunny city. You feel and see where hip-hop was born, – it is amazing!


-   How to achieve success?

To work and work. If you do something new, you must make a lot of efforts. If it doesn’t work out from the first time, you must do it again, once again and one more time, 10, 100, 1000 times. Do it until it is perfect. Hard work makes professionality. Even if you don't know something, you should do it as if you have been doing it the whole life! In fact there is no secret like you snap your fingers and can do anything. The result is hours of training in the dance hall, literally blood and sweat.

Thus, any result, and in the sphere of logistic services is achieved too, I think.


- The film "Step Up 2" generated love to dancing in your heart. What motivates you in everyday life?

- Music inspires me, it is everywhere. Any person starts dancing when hear music: someone stamping foot, someone nodding head. Communication with other dancers, exchange of experience and travelling help too. Of course, it is necessary to make yourself to do something, but first of all, I do it for pleasure. When you set a goal, motivation appears by itself. You know what you can reach, and it pushes you forward.


- How do you choose music for dance?

There are a lot of songs and the choice is made randomly  You hear a song and understand: a cool song, I want to dance to this music.

- Do you have free time left?

I always have many things to do. Days when there is at least an hour of free time are very seldom. I tried to learn to plan my time correctly.


- How often do you visit St. Petersburg? Do you like this city?


It is my first time in St. Petersburg. Its architecture beauty is stunning; people are well-mannered, though climate is not very good..

- What are your plans for 2016?

I have no certain plans. I don't know where and what I will do, but I know for sure it will be lots of fun.


Watch “Dance. Season 3” on TNT channel

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