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Title The Code of Corporate Ethics
Date Feb 05, 2018

 The Code of Corporate Ethics is our moral compass in the business world. For a modern company working in conditions of a high level of competition and striving to develop steadily and maintain a trusting relationship with its partners and clients, it is important that its employees are guided by moral and moral principles.

As you remember, in May 2016 our company adopted the Code of Corporate Ethics, which regulates the behavior of employees in working with partners and counterparties. All the norms established by the Code are simple and do not require excessive efforts from the employee.

In the summer of 2017, the Ethics Committee began its work in our company, whose tasks include training, consultations, conducting official investigations, popularizing the principles of ethical management. You can find out more about the work of the Committee at the training "Corporate Ethics", which has already been visited by more than 80 employees, or by contacting directly any contact person of the committee. You can send your messages by means of Q & A box, e-mail or by personal address.

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