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Title Internship program
Date Oct 08, 2012

 Since the Summer 2012 internship program aimed at students and graduates of relevant higher educational institutions has started.

For the first time the students got the opportunity to have the summer practice in Glovis Rus. And the best of the students of Oriental Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, Nikita Nikitin and Veronika Kim, have begun their six-month internship in St. Petersburg, and in September they were sent to the central office of Hyundai Glovis in Seoul. Also in September Ksenia Shmeleva, a student of Oriental Faculty was hired as a trainee. She knows Korean and English languages​​ and familiar with Korean culture.

The Saint Petersburg Legislative Assemblyawarded the General Director of Glovis Rus with a gratitude letter for established system of summer internships for students and young professionals that supports prospective employees. Also the company received a diploma for assistance in the implementation of social projects for young company from the Public Chamber of Russian Federation, and HR Association noted the high level of quality, professionalism and willingness to cooperate.
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