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Title Foreign Language Courses
Date Oct 08, 2012

After summer holidays English and Korean language courses have started.

Employees can take any level English classes. For the first time Basic level group will be opened.

The teachers are Elena Kavlak (BC “Atlantic City”) and Zoya Suslova (HMMR Plant).

The English language course will be held for the first time in Moscow office of Glovis Rus. For the information about organization and formation of groups please contact Pavel Zhiznevsky (

Korean language classes recruitment goes on as well. Korean language groups will be tought by Mr. Hwan and by Anna Den.

Those employees who have attended English and Korean language courses and have successfully passed the educational program are automatically transferred to the next level.

Please contact Margarita Akoller, +7 (812) 418-08-28,, for further information about Korean and English language courses.

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