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Title Glovis Rus Clubs
Date Oct 08, 2012

In autumn 2012 GRU is going to launch a new program Glovis Rus Clubs.


Knowing the employees’ desire to play football more often, the company organized regular football games. Starting on September 16th every Sunday, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. stadium club “Voskhodaschaya zvezda” will open its doors to all employees. The address of the stadium: 1, prospect KIMa, Basil island. 


To join the teams please contact:

Captain of CC team: Konstantin Sharov, +7 (921) 774-59-81

Captain of VPC team: Yury Kokorin: +7 (812) 418-08-75, +7 (921) 557-18-87

Captain of ADM & TP team: Oleg Ogarkov, +7 (812) 418-08-13, +7 (921) 400-71-65


The opening of the football season was organized on August 26th at the Family Day. It was an exciting match between СС and VPC teams, which were so strong that the match was in a draw. Then a penalty shootout was held. VPC team managed to score one goal, and this determined the outcome of the game.


In august, Glovis Rus music band was formed on the initiative of the employees. Participants of the musical group, representatives of CC, IT and TP departments, are going to meet every week for the rehearsal of their performance, which will become a part of program for a corporate celebration of New Year 2013.


For band’s rehearsals Glovis Rus rents a special room with sound amplifiers and noise protection. Now the company's employees, who love music, have the opportunity to fulfill themselves in a joint musical project - New Year's performance.

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