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Title Discounts for employees of Glovis Rus!
Date Oct 08, 2012

 Employees of the company have a great opportunity to use the new proposal - a discount of 4 to 10 % on the purchase of a Hyundai car from official dealers. Discount is offered to employees after their first year of work at GRU, and the amount of discount depends on the time worked for the company, employee’s position and car model.


  Those who are interested in travelling can you an opportunity to get a discount of 5 to 12 % from the travel agency NTK Intourist for flights and such tours as: year-round, summer, exotic and European. The discount depends on the country and booking time of the planned trip. Employees can get a discount at Socialisticheskaya st., 14, letter A (


In addition, there are discounts on services of Thai massage studio and European cosmetics “Sreda” and the sports club WorldClass.


If you need more information contact Evgeny Gusev (ADM department) – +7 (812) 418-08-25, e.gusev @

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