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Title Training program and exchange of experience: Russian employees of Hyundai Glovis Rus in Korea
Date Jan 22, 2013

From September till November two best employees of Glovis Rus were trained in a special program at the company’s head office in Seoul and Gyeongju.

Nadezhda Kamenskaya, HR Senior Specialist, Maria Shumikhina, Specialist CC and colleagues from Glovis Alabama and Glovis India, have gained unforgettable experience, new knowledge and also great impressions of South Korea.

Establishment of the Global working environment, development and encouragement of foreign employees’ talents and consolidation of Global communication channel are the main targets of the program. The program includes different studies: introductory course with the purpose of study Korean business and culture, excursions to enterprises, work at a department – working practice, implementation and presentation of a personal project. The company supports the participants of the program and defray the expenses for feeding, accommodation and other.


During the participation in the program employees gain theoretical knowledge, practical skills, broaden outlook due to receiving knowledge about various cultures. As a result, professionalism of Glovis Rus employees grows.

“From the professional point of view, the program turned out to be very useful. It was priceless experience and great opportunity to widen the limits of my knowledge. 

First three days I spent in Seoul, where was organized a meeting with the company management. We were also familiarized with history, culture and traditions of Korea. The lecture of the author of the book “Korean culture for foreign employees” and the lecture about principles of business management were very interesting.

In Seoul we also visited the consolidation center and the automotive plant in Asan and the steelworks “Hyundai Steel”.

Afterwards, I moved to Gyeongju. There in the packing center “Ulsan packing center” the main part of the program took place. In Glovis Rus I’m responsible for the warehouse, or more exactly for organization and control of the details delivery to the assembly line. Therefore, the training in the packing center was very effective for my skills development. I studied all the process of details delivery from Korea to Russia: receipt and processing of an order, making a packing plan, cooperation with suppliers, receipt of production at the packing center, packing and stuffing,

internal transportation and shipping. Now I know not only the final part of supply chain, but also its beginning and middle stages. This knowledge will help me to carry out my ideas and fulfill myself.  Besides the study of packing center operations, I had time to visit several suppliers’ plants, as Hyundai Heavy Industry that builds cargo ships and the consolidation center in Ulsan. The tour to the new container terminal (BNCT) and to the new port (PNC) in Busan, particularly, the excursion to the on-board of ship, were very interesting.


I have spent 2 months in Korea and I would like to come back. There was the time of peace of mind for me. Korea is a country of happiness. There are amazing people – extremely responsible, caring and sincere. For them care is a kind of a duty. And this feature is very attractive. For those 2 months I’ve become very closed to the people surrounded me. The parting was harder than I expected. I will miss my new friends and the time I spent there. I will be glad to see them in Saint-Petersburg and care about their pastime here.

I had time to visit Seoul, Gyeongju, Ulsan, Busan and some other cities that we passed through during our business trips. Seoul and Gyeongju are totally different cities. Seoul is an active, noisy, business city. Gyeongju reflects tradition, quietness and peace. I was happy to live in Gyeongju, because I was the closest to nature comparing to the accommodation of other participants of the program. In free time it was possible to walk near the lake or the mountain. Ulsan and Busan are smaller than Seoul, but very interesting as well. I visited many sights of Korea: famous palaces Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung in Seoul, Buddhist temple Bulguksa, YangDong traditional village and the waterfall Paraeso in Kyongju. Also I visited the biggest in Seoul - park Everland, saw Jump Performance with martial arts elements, took part in photo shooting for Glovis Korea magazine and even attended two Korean wedding ceremonies.

I was returning home with warm feeling inside, because I had a chance to visit a different world I would like to come back to.”

Maria Shumikhina

Specialist CC


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