About Us

         The company Hyundai Glovis Rus is one of the largest logistics companies
in Russia.

Hyundai Glovis Rus was founded on the 25th of August, 2008. Hyundai Glovis Rus has two offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow and separate Subdivision in Moscow region. 

 Today Hyundai Glovis Rus provides all the logistic chain beginning from automotive components delivery and ending by vehicles transportation to dealers centers.

In the nine years the company`s headcount increased of 160 times from 5 to 799 employees. This success in our family corporate spirit and the rapid development of business in Russia.

             Hyundai Glovis Rus a young company that is developing in line with high business goals. In our team there are many young, ambitious, intelligent, educated people. As an international company Hyundai Glovis Rus could unite professionals of different
national cultures and educational spheres. And we try to develop together a culture of winners.

That is extremely important corporate working principles witch were developed our team for 2012 year.

 Our Core Value Principles are: 

1. Regulation and optimization of business processes 

2. Development of cooperation between employees of the business process 

3. Promoting professional and personal growth among all employees

Our success is confirmed by the fact that many large corporations have expressed their interest in cooperation with Hyundai Glovis Rus. In such short period St. Petersburg Government, St. Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA), St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and other business-associations have recognize our company as a stable and cost-effective business-partner.
Hyundai Glovis Rus influences on the local economic market. Also Hyundai Glovis Rus takes part in charity project and promote Korean culture in St. Petersburg.

Consolidation Center,  plant: Managerial Track             The Korean management style and business opportunities in St. Petersburg allowed Hyundai Glovis Rus to become one of the leading international companies in Russia. Our plans are to expand business in the market and to start cooperation with new
companies. Hyundai Glovis Rus has big potential and no doubt that in a few years will be a logistics company number 1 in Russia.

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