Hyundai Solaris of the new generation received the maximum score on the basis of the crash test "Autoreview. The new Hyundai Solaris, based on the results of the crash test of one of Russia's leading automobile publications, Autorereview,
scored 16 out of 16 possible points, leading the independent rating of passive safety of ARCAP cars.

Sales of a new generation of the most popular model for Russian customers ?  KIA Rio began.

From January 2017 GLOVIS RUS began import of NAVIEN boilers from Korea by TSR (Trans-Siberian railway).

From April 2017 GLOVIS RUS transportation of Samsung LED-panels from Europe. Import plan is 20 000 carries a year.

From June 2017 GLOVIS RUS began export of HMMR manufactured cars (Rio, Creta, Solaris) to CIS countries by trucks. GLOVIS RUS 2018 annual plan is 3000 cars. By this project the company can secure know-how for
transportation to CIS and expand business area.

From October GLOVIS RUS operates Doshirak food material and beverage import. Yearly plan is 20 000 carries.

 GLOVUS RUS cooperates with transportation company Lorus and operates Rail transportation for MAZDA brand and Truck transportation for UAZ brand. By this GLOVIS RUS stacks experience and skill of TSR for finished vehicle and secure competiveness in Russian car transportation market. GLOVIS RUS also plans to build Far East office
and this project helps to process this plan.

In December, 2017 GLOVIS RUS began transportation of DKD components for Hyundai and KIA cars to Kazakhstan (Kostanay and Ust-Kamenogorsk corresponding). At first ready cars are transported from HMMR plant to a special area for disassembling to DKD components. Then these components are load into containers and sent to Kazakhstan by rail. Then Kazakh plants will again assemble ready cars from these components.


- St. Petersburg plant Hyundai for the first time introduced a new compact crossover Hyundai Creta on
June 2nd. Еhe conveyor assembly  began in August.
- In 2016, Solaris became the absolute best seller on the Russian market with a result of 90380 units.

- HMMR received the award of the Government of St. Petersburg - an honorary mark "For the quality of goods (products), works and services". The high assessment of experts confirmed the achievement of significant results by the
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus plant in the field of product quality, as well as the introduction of highly effective methods of quality management in the enterprise.


- “Hyundai Motor CIS” got the award “Company of the Year 2014” in the category “Cars”. Being an exclusive importer and distributor of Hyundai cars in Russia, the company has already worked at the domestic market for eight years. One of the largest dealer networks in the country which has more than 140 centers was created during this time. Realization of more than 1 022 400 new Hyundai models brought the company to the leading positions in sales in the Russian automobile market. Assignment of the rank "Company of the Year" means that "Hyundai Motor CIS" makes its strong contribution to the strengthening of Russian economy and is steady in its target to become the most favorite automobile brand.




- The company “KIA Motors Rus” sold in Russia 1 million cars from the moment of the foundation in 2009. Thus, less than in 6 years KIA joined the "Elite club" of the companies which managed to sell more than one million cars in Russia.
- Hyundai Solaris, an absolute leader among foreign cars in the Russian market, set a new record ? 500 thousand cars sold for 4 years and 6 months.
-An official ceremony within start of large-scale cooperation between "GLOVIS RUS" and "Gazpromneft-Corporate Sales" took place on April 17, 2015. The companies signed the contract under which "Gazprom Neft" became the supplier of fuel for transportation companies of "GLOVIS RUS".
- HMMR received the ”Investor of the year” award on 28th December, 2015
- HMMR received 3 awards in “Car of the Year in Russia” annual ceremony: in the category small cars won Solaris, Business Class - Hyundai Genesis, Hyundai became favorite brand in the mass segment
- Launch of production and sales to Egypt and Lebanon , delivery by sea
- Hyundai Glovis becomes more Eco-friendly and organizes corporate clean-up in the Park of 300th Anniversary of SPb




- HMMR produced  New Solaris , Solaris broke a record ? it sold 400 000 cars during 4 years

- November 2014 Hyundai Glovis signed an agreement to take over Adampol, which is a Polish company specializing in shipping cars across Europe giving the company direct access to European trucking and logistics assets for the first time

- Since October, 2014 our company in St. Petersburg launched such new projects as Hankook Tire Rus and Nuga Medical which earlier had been supervised by the company Green Logistic. Moscow representative office received a new project where Green Logistic team also transferred to. Joining this project our company began transportation of components between Mobis warehouses and also  distribution transportation of spare parts to dealers of Moscow and Moscow region

- Our company has new customers (custom service): Hankook Tire Rus, Mitsui and Hysco Rus

- August 2014, we started providing customs clearance of cargoes services  in Moscow region (Sheremetyevo, Khimki, Lobnya)

- The plant "Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus" in St. Petersburg, June 5, 2014, won the Government award of the Russian Federation in the field of quality

- In June 2014 the new issue of well-known Russian information and analytical magazine  Transport and Communication was issued. Within the category "Russian-Korean dialogue" publishing house journalists interviewed the General Director of  Hyundai Glovis  Mr. Kim Kyung Bae


- HMMR produced 500 000th  Solaris

- Company launches the project of spare parts transportation for Mobis and opens two separate offices in Yekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don

- Hyundai Motors CIS became the best subdivision of Hyundai Motor Company in the World according to the results of the 1st half of 2013

- Hyundai Glovis Russia celebrates its 5th anniversary

- Hyundai Glovis Succeeded in its first pilot operation to North Pole Route. The company borrowed Swedish cargo tank “Stena Polaris” and set sail from Russian port of Ust-Luga. After its 35-day navigation the ship travelled a total distance of about 15500km through the Bering Sea, to the Sea of Okhotsk and the East Siberian Sea and safely arrived at Gwangyang Port on October 22. In addition, Glovis has a plan to develop a new shipping route between Korea and Europe using know-hows acquired in arctic conditions of the North Pole Route



- Becoming one of the market leaders in St. Petersburg
- Outlet of 200,000th cars in HMMR
- Implementing the 3S Improvement plan based on three principles: Stability, Security, Safety



- Container transportation for HMMR and supply logistics for our business partners: Hysco, Mobis, NVH, Sungwoo, ShinYoung etc.
- Organizing Just-in-Time process
- Launch of high volume production for Kia Rio at the HMMR plant
- Development of finished vehicles transportation system to dealer centers
- Expansion of the regional logistic chain of Glovis Rus
- A significant increase in financial performance to  11,181 million rubles


- Successful delivery of equipment for stamping shop of HMMR
- Finish the construction of HMMR and start of test production
- Support of high-volume vehicle production for HMMR
- Reaching sales of 1,582 million rubles
- Official opening of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus in St. Petersburg attended by the prime-minister of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. As a result - the great increase of services provided by Glovis Rus, sales increase



- Start of international logistic service (TP) to St. Petersburg
- Opening of Glovis Rus representative office in Moscow
- Increasing sales and achieving marginal profit
- Start of international port processing for a long term storage in Estonia, Poland and Finland
- High level of client services
- Reaching the level of sales 809 million rubles



- Startup of the Glovis Rus project in St. Petersburg, Russia
- Development of the HMCIS network internationally and locally 
- Start of port processing via the Petrolesport (PLP) terminal for HMCIS importing vehicles
- Participation in the construction of HMMR
- Expansion of tracking in the North-West region: St. Petersburg and Ust-Luga, etc.
- Support of startup production of HMMR (Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus)

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