Excellence in logistics planning
Glovis Rus is working towards the improvement of the logistics process and the introduction of innovative ideas through analyzing logistics conditions and re-designing the logistics network of our customers.

Benefits to Clients
- Clients can realize an optimum global Supply Chain Management : Reduction of cost, Time, Distance
- Clients can gain a cost advantage through a large scale of logistics operation
- Clients can reduce logistics management costs with an advanced logistics information system

Ability to Improve Service Quality Continuously
Glovis Rus not only selects carriers and shipping companies but also tries to prevent in advance, customer complaints by focusing on carrier education and quality management.

Global Network and Integrated Logistics Information System
Glovis Rus expands its global network. Our company can reach clients and perform logistics services easier than its competitors. Our services are executed through an organized integrated logistics system which help our clients improve their logistics process and help reduce logistics costs.

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