Glovis Rus, a member of the Hyundai Motor Group, is an actively developing logistic company in the Russian market. The number of employees is growing fast because of dynamic growth of business. All candidates, who want to start their career at worldwide known Korean company, will get a stable and interesting work.

Annually the company organizes the employee’s evaluation, which becomes a basis of career path, training and internship program. If at company a new vacancy appears, first candidates, who get a chance to apply for a job, are our employees. It helps each employee to show potential of professional and personal skills and get an opportunity for job of rotation, moving to another position. During two years more than 35 specialists got new professional skills and promotion.

Glovis Rus has solid reputation of a socially responsible company which cares about its employees, creates new opportunity for each person who wants to perform duties with good faith, to grow together with team.

The company welcomes and encourages advanced education and additional training. Every employee has a chance to take foreign language classes like English, Korean and Russian as a foreign language. In our professional program there are many training. Training education is actively developing for which cause company is planning to form corporate training for every job position. As well as professional tutors, Glovis Rus employees with reach experience will become internal coach.

A practice of internships in abroad subsidiaries of Hyundai Glovis has received a large development effort. For instance when we launch productions all the employees of GLOVIS Russia did an internship practice in Czech Republic. In the year 2011 first ever internship in Hyundai Glovis headquarters in Seoul was organized. This experience is going on and helps the employees to become acquainted with the international business practice.

Since the Summer 2012 internship program aimed at students and graduates of relevant higher educational institutions has started. Summer student internship helps to make human resources potential from the youth with higher education and to develop system of social lifts in the region. Moreover gradual 5 month internship in Hyundai Glovis headquarters in Seoul is organized for graduates of Saint Petersburg State University Faculty of Oriental and African Studies. The Civic Chamber of Russian Federation, the Saint Petersburg Legislative Assembly, the Saint Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the HR Association qualify Glovis Rus as the perfect example of progressive approach to training the youth and to its realization as professionals.

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