At Hyundai Glovis, the overall well-being of our employees is important. The company provides many valuable benefits, programs and tools to help employees better manage the various phases and developments of life.

Medical Insurance
We recognize that employees who are not distracted by health and financial worries are more effective on the job. To support our workforce, we offer a wide variety of Health Insurance benefits that allow
employees to choose the coverage best suited to their needs.
Life Insurance
We suggest our employees Life Insurance program – compensation of injures and death caused by an accident both at work and out of work.
Meal Allowance 
Hyundai Glovis compensates our employees a fixed amount of money for meal during working shift. Moreover we offer additional lunch-box for those who stay overtime.
Educational Benefits and  Opportunities
It is in everyone`s interest for employees to fell as comfortable and knowledgeable about their job as they possibly can.
Our training programs are provided to employees when the information or skills being taught are required to perform their current or upcoming work assignments, or when a formal training course is necessary to satisfy requirements of company, customer or government regulations.
Employee Performance Plan
A high-performance culture is critical to Hyundai Glovis' culture. We want our employees to be actively engaged in seeking customer-focused solutions to grow the business and boost economic profit.
Employee efforts, creativity and commitment are recognized as key to the company's continued growth and success.
In recognition of this contribution, we may award annual performance-based incentives and/or other individual forms of recognition.

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