Human Resources Strategy of GLOVIS Russia is based on 5 key principles:

1. People are a key component of our business. They force a powerful stream of Hyundai Glovis business as rivers running together. We respect talent and individuality of each employee, create a truly comfortable environment for personal development and business career opportunity. We strive that everyone of us enjoyed their work.

2. Globality is a high-speed evolution of our business, a synergy of intercultural working process, a contribution of each of us to the company success which shows a great team potential over the sea. We are proud to feel our contribution in motion of every Hyundai and Kia vehicle all around the world.

3. Collaboration is a team work with sharing of knowledge and experience, active employees` collaboration in cross-functional projects and team responsibility for the results. We are always ready to support each other and join our efforts to achieve new results.

4. Challenge is a readiness to handle complex tasks, take personal responsibility and be result-oriented. We appreciate proactive and self-motivated employees, open-mind persons. Instead of the words "I do not know. I cannot" we say "I suggest. My colleagues and I will drive company to success".

5. Customer is our ability to understand clients` values and interests. We concentrate all efforts to meet requirements of our internal and external customers. Feedback culture helps us to move business forward.

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