Title The 13th Issue of HYUNDAI GLOVIS Russia Magazine, Dec 2017
Date Feb 02, 2018

E-version: https://joom.ag/RAQY

New Hyundai Solaris got the maximum points following the results of the crash test.
On August 1, 2017 all dealer centers of Kia Motors in Russia started sales of KIA Rio of new generation.
“Hyundai Motor CIS” resumed sales of Hyundai Sonata.
CEO of “Hyundai Truck and Bus Rus” Mr. Kim Ikdong considers cooperation with Glovis RUS successful and fruitful.
Aleksey Litovcheko – head of Moscow office of the carrier “AXIS” – tells about work of his team. He sees the serious potential of development of partnership with GLOVIS RUS which started in 2014.
In August GLOVIS RUS and BLG Logistics signed the contract which expands the whole range of opportunities of GLOVIS RUS for rendering services of storage and transfer of cars using port "Bronka".
TP Customs department describes specifics of the work.
HR department tells about trainings conducted in 2017.
Our company received international certificate OHSAS 18001 (Occupational health and safety management systems).
More than 200 employees celebrated the 5th anniversary of work in GLOVIS RUS.
Dmitry Rodionov tells the story of his promotion from operator to quality control specialist.
We give several tips how to prepare and conduct successful negotiations with partners.
The results of the quarterly contest “Who is the most professional and kind employee” in CC office.
In summer 2017 Ethical Committee began its work in our company.
Many operational track employees of our company enjoyed family Neva river tours.
This year our company celebrated 9-year anniversary from the opening representative office in Russia.
We congratulate our football team with the 1st place in the top league of “HMMR FOOTBALL CHEMPIONSHIP”.
GLOVIS RUS was represented by two teams, which took the 1st and the 3rd places in overall ranking in “Hyundai Man” sports competition.
Konstantin and Egor Dmitrievs – father and son – who work in our company tell about their family career in GLOVIS RUS.
Hyundai Glovis Love is…Day. In this issue Mikhail Vishnevsky (TP Moscow) and his family share their impressions after visiting waterpark.
Kids’ art contest “FIFA Confederation Cup 2017” results.
We announce new art contest with assistance of waterpark “Piterland” – the theme of the contest “Waterpark of my dream”.

Номер 13 / Issue 13
E-mail: pr@glovisrus.com
Website: russia.glovis.net
Tel.:+7 (812) 418-09-76
Главный редактор / Editor-In-Chief: Angelina Nikitina

Шеф-редактор / Managing Editor: Anastasia Chukhlovina
Редакторы / Editor: Veronika Kiper, Daria Chervyakova
Редакционная комиссия / Editorial Board: Junil Kim, Anton Seleznev, Vitaliy Novitskiy
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