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Title GLOVIS Europe goes for eco-friendly transport to Poland
Date Nov 10, 2016

GLOVIS Europe starts with weekly eco-friendly rail transportation service on behalf of its customer Hyundai Motor Poland from port of Koper/Slovenia to the Polish compound in the voivodship Łódź. Changing the transport mode from truck to rail underlines mutual efforts to re-engineer logistics flows into CO2 reduction.

The train solution eliminates pollution of 22 trucks on a one-way distance of more than one thousand kilometer. After a successful test phase in September GLOVIS makes flexible use of trains according to volume requirements to bring finished Hyundai vehicles to their destined sales market in Poland. The vehicles are imported from overseas production plants via the port of Koper. Over 85% of the total volume is switched from road to rail.

“This re-engineering process is a logical consequence of combining customers’ needs with our available transport capacity resulting into eco-friendly transport solutions.” says Frank Schnelle, general manager of GLOVIS.

Since GLOVIS already runs a train shuttle system from the factories in Czech and Slovakia to Koper the rail wagons are utilized whenever it is needed according to vessel arrival and port release processes.

“Hyundai vehicles become more and more environmental-friendly. Consequently, all processes around our products, including logistics services, need to follow. This is a forward-looking approach and our common responsibility”, says Marcin Albrecht from Hyundai Motor Poland who works out the new transportation system together with GLOVIS.

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