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Title New EAAG team holds first meeting in Frankfurt
Date Jan 30, 2017

(Source: ECG, 26th January 2017)

The ECG Academy Advisory Group (EAAG) has held its first meeting of this year. Under the kind invitation of Djana Rigbers the meeting was held in in the GLOVIS EUROPE premises in the heart of Frankfurt am Main. The recently elected EAAG team (the election took place on 2nd December 2016 in Bremen during the 4th ECG Academy Alumni Meeting) came together to discuss several topics, among them current and future projects, new ideas, strategies on how to promote EAAG using new available technologies, and the date and venue for the next ECG Academy Alumni meeting.

The Chairman of EAAG, Jan Vollmer from STVA, kicked off the meeting by welcoming and introducing the new members to the group. The intensive meeting agenda contained several items. Among the topics discussed, the EAAG members focused on the Empty Mileage project and its final stage. It was decided to present the results of the project in a written document and then launch it at the ECG Spring Congress & General Assembly on 18 - 19th May 2017, in Malta.

The new ECG EAAG team from left to right: Oleh Shchuryk, ECG; Alexs Casar, Milsped Group; Jan Vollmer, STVA; Tanja Mattheis, BLG; Djana Rigbers, Glovis Europe; Sándor Gacsó, ARS Altmann; Attila Novák, Lagermax; Fillipo Rizzi Ariani, Grimaldi Group

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