New Horizons
GLOVIS Europe processed & shipped approximately 659,230 cars
GLOVIS Europe’s role as logistics company today just like it’s initial role covers not only evaluating and negotiating best-of-class solutions in a rapidly competitive and dynamic market for it’s customers. Today, GLOVIS Europe sees it’s major role in being part of and fulfilling the overall global strategy of it’s customers.



With increasing operations Europe wide, GLOVIS Europe continuously identifies new possibilities of business process improvement. The high inbound volume enables GLOVIS Europe to discover new areas and avenues of volume integration and synergy effects for all involved parties. Additionally, GLOVIS Europe discovers highly efficient solutions for supporting sales planning and support for its customers.



GLOVIS Europe GmbH is founded as logistics company in the heart of Germany economic and cultural melting pot Frankfurt Main. With commencement of Kia Motors factory in Slovakia, GLOVIS Europe’ initial business scheme was the development of a transportation scheme from the European plants of Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors, as well as national distribution of the vehicles for the first sales subsidiaries of the Group. 

GLOVIS Europe initiates it’s collaborations as 4PL with some of the biggest automotive logistics provider in Europe and even worldwide. As always since it’s very beginnings, GLOVIS Europe’ priority is achieving the highest possible satisfaction level for it’s customers.

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